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Royse City Football Camp 4-6 Punt, Pass and Kick Results


4th 5th 6th

1st- Dakota Santiago Hector Munoz Landon Bickle

2nd- Gage Owen Blake Kurtz Jace Oliver

3rd- Eli Anthony Carter Chavez Ty Willis


4th 5th 6th

1st- Gage Owen Hector Munoz AJ Gacrcia

2nd- Dakota Santiago Blake Kurtz Brodie Tittle

3rd- Luke Shepard Carter Lance Daniel Renner


4th 5th 6th

1st- Kason Starling Hector Munoz Daniel Renner

2nd- Luke Shepard Carter Chavez Landon Bickle

3rd- Zach Goza Jake Swinney Ash Jones

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