Payton Petroff- WR/RB (8- 5A 1st Team All DIstrict)

(signed University of Central Arkansas)

Tyson Oliver- QB (8-5A 1st Team All District)

(signed Texas A&M Commerce)

Austin Ortiz - K/P (8-5A Special Teams MVP)

(signed Texas A&M Commerce)

Zamien Anderson- LB (8-5A 1st Team All District)

Bryce Martinez- RB (8-5A 1st Team All District)

John Klump- OLB (8-5A 1st Team All District)

(signed Texas A&M Commerce)

Jamie Cortez- DL (8 5A Defensive MVP)

Greg Miller-DE

Dalyn Dunbar-DE/TE

Thank You to these local businesses for their continued support of our Royse City Football Camps!

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Class 2020

Payton Petroff- WR/RB Tyson Oliver- QB Zamien Anderson- LB Bryce Martinez- RB John Klump- OLB Jamie Cortez-DL Carson Hays- OL Jordan Brown- OLB Justin Vineyard-S Maliki Harewood-C Kevin Holifield-C Josh Carillo-LB George Ezeokafor-OLB Anthony Ortiz-K Sterling Gilbert-DL Caden Sweeney-OL Greg Miller-DL Dalyn Dunbar-TE/DE Jesse Chavez-S Dominic Fox-LB Christian Duran- DE James Greenlee-OL Will Horbacz-LB Gaven King-S Montrell Rose-S Troy Sellers-OL Hunter Smith-DL Paaco Torres-OL

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